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MARK ROMANACK is a graduate of Northern Michigan University, with a BS degree in Wildlife Conservation. Since 1982 he has worked fulltime in the outdoor communications business writing countless feature articles, shooting photography and authoring 12 different books on fishing and hunting. The owner of Precision Angling, LLC the publishing arm of the widely popular Precision Trolling, Precision Casting and Precision Trolling Big Water Edition angler guides, Romanack is an accomplished fresh water angler with thousands of hours of on-the-water experience. His other outdoor passions including waterfowl hunting, upland bird hunting, sporting clays shooting and sporting dog training. He lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Mari, two sons Zack, Jake and four hunting dogs Dakota, Mason, Raven and Tana. "Better late than never" might be a good way to describe it.

David A. Rose has been a fulltime outdoor writer, photographer, author, seminar speaker and inland lake fishing guide since the mid 90’s. His passion for the outdoors, however, started long before, when he was just a child, and has stayed with him ever since. He’s lived in the Traverse City, Michigan, area nearing four decades; the area’s proven itself to be the perfect place for someone with a love for hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing, camping, and outdoor cooking such as what Dave has. He’s been married to his bride and best friend, Carol, since 1991. Check out his websites at wildfishing.com and davidarose.com.

Richard P. Smith is an award winning outdoor writer and photographer living in Marquette, Michigan with his wife and business partner Lucy. He is a nationally recognized writer, photographer and speaker who has written 21 books, nine of which are currently in print and thousands of magazine articles. He is one of only two people in Michigan who have qualified for a Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) Grand Slam, which includes a deer, bear, elk and turkey that are all entered in state records maintained by CBM. His best whitetail is a Saskatchewan 10-pointer he got in 1999 that qualified for honorable mention in Boone and Crockett Records with a net score of 163 7/8. Prior to that, he bagged a nontypical 12-pointer with a 9-inch drop tine from the same area that netted 165 3/8. His best Michigan buck is a typical 11-pointer he shot on public land in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) that nets 148 4/8. He’s taken a number of other bucks that score in the 140s. A Saskatchewan black bear he bagged with a Knight muzzleloader during the spring of 2002 is the second highest scoring bruin in national muzzle loading records with a skull that measured 21 14/16. It’s also in all-time Boone and Crockett Records. The following spring, he collected another trophy bruin that qualified for honorable mention in Boone and Crockett Records, with a skull scoring 20 2/16. Richard has four trophy bruins in Pope and Young Records that he got with bow and arrow and he also took a book bear with a muzzleloader in Michigan. He's also a seminar speaker, covering all types of topics. Smith is a Field Editor for Bear Hunting and Michigan's Hooks & Bullets Magazines. He’s the editor for Bear Facts, a quarterly newsletter published by the Michigan Bear Hunters Association. He writes for Woods-N-Water News, Michigan Sportsman Magazine and the Porcupine Press on a regular basis. His writing and photography have been published in national magazines including Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters, Outdoor Life, American Hunter, Bowhunter and National Wildlife. The author is a recognized expert on whitetail deer and black bear behavior and biology as well as hunting these species of big game. He has hunted deer and bear extensively in Michigan and throughout North America for 40 years.

Rick Fowler is currently a High School English teacher in Boyne City. He also finds time to write regional outdoor articles and somehow, amidst the many research papers and essays he corrects from students, he is consistently fishing on South Manistique Lake in the UP, Burt Lake, and the Bear River. In 2005, Rick won the “Reader’s Choice” awards as one of the top Michigan outdoor writer’s from MIDWEST OUTDOORS magazine. Rick and his wife Sue live in Harbor Springs, Michigan and have two children, Alexandra a freshman in college, and Eric a sophomore in high school.
Eric Wakeman has attended about half a dozen colleges and universities but has yet to get a degree of any kind. He’ll likely end up going back once he decides what he wants to be when he grows up. He is currently working in financial services interacting with new people and building relationships with clients to keep him coming back. Eric considers himself a general outdoorsman enjoying camping, fishing, and hunting, although he admits being rather obsessed with big game hunting. The highlights of his year include firearm deer and spring turkey seasons. His passion was not passed to him from within his family, but men outside the family trained him to hunt and shoot. As repayment for that unquantifiable debt, Eric tries to get younger people with similar circumstances into the field in pursuit of game. He also loves getting his wife and five kids into the out-of-doors. Rachelle, his wife of  9 years, is an amateur photographer and her work inspires much of his writing. Their children are Gabrielle, Marlena, Samuel, Elijah, and Marian.
Gil Lackey is an outdoor humor writer from Nashville, TN. He served as President of the Cumberland Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and he is a Board Member of the newly-formed Middle Tennessee Quality Deer Management Association. He enjoys wingshooting and bow hunting for deer, turkeys, and predators. Gil teaches fly fishing and fly tying seminars, mostly for children. He loves fly fishing for trout, smallmouth, largemouth, panfish, and saltwater fish, but he is best known for chasing the "lesser species" with the fly rod. Carp, gar, and skipjack are at the top of that list. Gil has the dubious honor of having won multiple carp fly fishing tournaments. Conservation is his true passion. You can reach Gil at gillackey@bellsouth.net.
Eddie Brunswick - Over twenty years ago, Eddie was involved in a car accident, which left him paralyzed from the waist down, and changed his entire life. Eddie’s passion for the outdoors didn’t get destroyed along with the use of his legs. Instead of hosting his own personal pity party, Eddie became a role model for all physically challenged outdoor oriented men, women, and children. Along with his friends he designed and built various devices and aids that now allow him and others in his physical condition to enjoy God’s gracious beauty of the outdoors. Mobile blinds, shooting braces, and boats with wheelchair ramps were built and utilized. Eddie made it his personal mission to contact other physically challenged individuals and encourage them in their pursuit of the outdoor lifestyle. Eddie is a role model and inspiration to physically challenged and able-bodied outdoors people alike. He leads the fight for bills to get passed in legislation that benefit the physically challenged, and has been awarded a plaque from the Governor of Tennessee for “Outstanding physically challenged individual in the State”. Whether Eddie wins this award or not, he is truly a winner, and more of a man than most able-bodied men I know. His attitude of “Never say quit”, his determination, and his mental and physical toughness, is greatly complimented by his generous heart and giving nature.

Chuck Smick is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer from Paducah, Kentucky.
Chuck received his Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management from
Tennessee Technological University and his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the
Infantry, in the United States Army in 1977. Chuck served 20 years of Active and Reserve
service in Airborne, Infantry and Special Operations Units and is a Major in the U. S. Army
Retired Reserves. His Service includes being recalled to Active Duty for Operation Desert
Shield and Desert Storm with the Big Red One; the 1st Infantry Division. Chuck is an avid
traditional bowhunter and enjoys pursuing a variety of big game with his longbows and
recurve bows. Chuck’s passion is chasing big wild hogs with his 80 Lb pull Howard Hill
longbow. Chuck has pursued wild hogs in three states with success. Chuck and his wife
Kathy enjoy fishing for a variety of fish on their home waters of Kentucky and Barkley
Lakes. Big bluegills, giant redears and tasty crappie are always on their minds when they
are on the water with rods and reels.
Chuck works full-time as a sr. safety engineer on
large construction projects throughout the United States, and has hunter and fished in 19
states from Alaska to Florida over the last 48 years. His travels allow him to fish and hunt
in a variety of places, learn new techniques and methods to take game and fish and gather
materials and photos for articles. Chuck can be reached at csmickpaducah@yahoo.com

Tommy Kirkland - Having once hunted whitetails and waterfowl with his father and now a novice turkey hunter, Tommy Kirkland also spends countless hours pursuing deer with a camera - conducting extensive observational research. His work has been featured in many sportsman publications. He can be reached at tommy_kirkland@hotmail.com

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